How do you make your make-up look natural?


Natural makeup is one of the biggest enigmas out there, mostly because the term ‘natural’ is used quite generally. Natural simply means that no matter the amount of makeup you apply, you are aiming to look as if you are not wearing any at all. Therefore, creating a perfectly natural look is incredibly difficult: it is all about the details. You have to find the perfect blush that blends but contours well, the perfect foundation that is second-skin like and, most importantly, you have to learn about light.


To create a flawless natural look it is crucial to understand how to contour and accentuate your cheekbones and create an air of luminosity and brilliance.  It usually takes just as long to create a natural look as to get completely made up. Using a face wash, face cream and making sure to remove all makeup at the end of the day can get by for great skin. For those who feel they need something ancillary the natural look may be important to perfect.

Finding the right makeup to wear when you are going for a natural look can be more complicated than you think. You do not want everything too blazing, too cakey, or too dark. And we all know, that looking natural does certainly require some makeup application and some skill too. The best edge that we have for you is to wear colors close to your natural skin tone, and ones that just enhance and perfect your skin. For your best natural look, follow the tips and tricks below.

  1. Moisturize
  2. Conceal
  3. Powder or light foundation
  4. Subtle blush
  5. Neutral shadows
  6. Nude lip
  7. Little mascara
  8. No liner.
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