The History of Makeup & Beauty


The History of Makeup & Beauty

Makeup is a very crucial part of our life, and this makeup makes us beautiful and colorful. Plautus, a Roman philosopher, compared that without makeup a woman likes without having salt in the food. Makeup concept is not new; this trend of cosmetics has a long history, and this past indicates that the intention of making beautiful themselves comes from the ancient period. These cosmetics wearing makeup has also dome changes over the time passes.

The history of makeup started form twelve thousand years by using healing abilities from scented oils in ancient Egyptians and from that cosmetic industry were rose higher and become a crucial part of their religious life. In that time almost everyone used oils and different types of cosmetics as makeup to enhance their beauty. Besides Egypt, Rome and Greece also used cosmetics for makeup, and some of the people think cosmetics were unnecessary and extravagant. In Rome, if a woman were not used cosmetics, they had not considered beautiful. Like Rome and Greece, the people of China were also used nail polish as makeup, and people of Japan were strictly maintained not to walk noble women without full body makeup and cosmetics treatment.


In case of Dark Ages of European, people were not willing to use makeup because of prostitutes were used excessive amounts makeup to hide their age and looks more beautiful. Beside this kings and queens also think wearing makeup and cosmetic was not decent, they also believe that cosmetic is used for Satan worship after longtime actors were permitted to use makeup while they are performing.

So it can be easily said that today makeup is not new things, people of all time and ages tried to use different types of cosmetic and makeup for making them more beautiful.

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