The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Beauty

Beauty is an essential part our life, and we all always try to our best to keep ourselves as more as we can. It is a very common intention to us to take advice from others to maintain our beauty and try to make more beautiful.  We are seeking advice from different types of people, some of them are trying giving proper suggestion with proper knowledge, and some of them are not. All advises are not fruitful and works appropriately and some cases it may results opposite that creates skin disease. There are some worst pieces of advice mentioned below we’ve ever heard about beauty.


Eye shadow

Use the lipstick as the replacement of eye shadow. Maybe it can be used but the idea is not right and just a matter of opinion. In some lipstick or lip product use some chemical that is not suited for the eye shadow, so you should try to avoid this worst advice that can cause skin diseases.

Using Moisturizer

It also a worst advises using moisturizer in your damp skins. Some say it makes perfect when you use moisturizer in our dump body. Our skin becomes slippery after using facial moisturizer in our wet body for that this advice also considers the worst one.

Use of Nail Polish Remover

We usually use nail polish remover to remove the polish in the nail. In this nail polish contains some harsh chemicals that are not suited for our skin. So if someone advice you use nail polish as to treat pimples that recommendation considered as the worst advice of beauty.

Always try to maintain distances from unreliable beauty advice that is not verified and try not to follow everybody’s opinion related to beauty that keeps you safe.

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