£20 Annual Fee

Promotional Subscription Plan for a Limited Time Subscribe to iBeauty PRO

Joining iBeauty PRO means you are confident enough to accept new challenges, improve professionally, and take every opportunity you are given. The PRO subscription will automatically apply a 30% discount to every course, certificate and student ID card you purchase. It will remain that way as long as you are a PRO member.

iBeauty PRO · Benefits

30% Extra Discount on Courses, Certificates & Student IDs

Get a 30% additional discount on the already discounted price of all courses, certificates, and student ID cards..

Retake Exams

Exam retakes are absolutely free of charge during the subscription period.

Customer Support

Our team is always available to help you when you need it (even if you have existential doubts).

News and Updates

Members of the PRO program receive newsletters and upcoming course offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll automatically receive a 30% discount on all courses as soon as you sign up.
It’s a one-year subscription and it automatically renews. A reminder will be sent to you before your subscription expires.
Once you become a PRO member, you will remain the same for at least one year. We accept no refund requests for PRO membership.