Terms of use

Terms & Conditions

By accepting these terms, a binding agreement shall arise between you and The Institute of Beauty & Makeup. (‘IBM’)

By accepting these terms, you agree to pay the course fee (‘Course Fee’) for the Course you have selected under this Student Agreement (‘Course’). Upon receipt of the Course Fee, IBMU agrees to:

  1. Supply to you all modules, video tutorials and assignments listed by IBMU for your Course (‘Course Materials’);
  2. Mark and grade your assignments;
  3. Answer queries about your Course; and
  4. Issue a Certificate or Diploma with additional payment, which is dependent on the course type that you enrolled with, upon successfully completing all assignments.

The Course Fee does not cover any materials that are not listed as Course Materials for your Course. IBMU notes that you may need to provide your own equipment in addition to the Course Materials at your cost, i.e. Makeup Kit. Subject to the successful completion of all assignments, the Course Fee being paid in full and certificate fees being paid, IBMU will issue you with a Certificate for your Course.

Course Materials will be available to you as you progress through the Course and submit your assignments. IBMU reserves the right to withhold provision of Course Materials in the event that you fail to pay any part of the Course Fee as and when it becomes payable. If you are paying by instalments, you must pay all such payments on or before the due date.

Irrespective of your progress through the Course, if you fail to pay any instalment by the due date, the total outstanding balance of the Course Fee will become immediately due and payable.


Cancellation and Refund

Where services are available via online access, you will be entitled to cancel the access within 14 days of your purchase. However, if you choose to start the Course within this period, then you will lose your right to cancel.

On cancellation, you will receive a full refund. If an annual subscription is automatically renewed, a particular exception will come into effect. In this situation, after the annual subscription is renewed following its original term ending, the learner will no longer have the right to request a refund, regardless of any reason.


Annual Subscriptions, Rights & Obligations

A Ibeauty annual course subscription entails a payment arrangement where learners pay an upfront fee for one year of access to a set of courses. Typically, within this subscription period, learners can access a variety of courses.

Subscribers to Ibeauty on an annual basis are limited to enrolling in a maximum of 30 courses concurrently. They can only start a new course after finishing one of the initial 30, ensuring a total course count of 30.

Please note that the annual subscription does not cover courses offered by Awarding bodies, bundles and career path/career bundles listed on the Ibeauty website.

The assignment of courses to learners is contingent on availability. If a course becomes unavailable for any reason after being in the course library during the subscription period, the learner cannot enrol in it. Ibeauty will not be held responsible, but the learner can take the course once it becomes available again in the library.

In the event a learner purchases an annual subscription at a discounted rate from Ibeauty, they forfeit the right to request a refund, regardless of the reason, due to the discounted price.

If a learner completes 50% or more of multiple courses, they are ineligible to request a refund from Ibeauty, regardless of the circumstances.

To clarify, when a learner buys an annual subscription from Ibeauty for online course access, if they complete at least 50% of the courses and later seek a refund after finishing several courses, Ibeauty  reserves the right to deny their request, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Auto-renewal is applicable to the Annual Subscription. Upon renewal following the expiration of its term, the learner loses the right to request a refund for any reason.


Subscriber Warranties, Rights, Representations, & Obligations

According to your subscription type, you will be authorised a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable access to services subject to the following Terms of Use.

We are not obligated to maintain the Website or maintain its current form by consenting to provide access. We have the authority to change, enhance, modify or upgrade any service.

In addition, we can convert a Subscriber to a new version at any time at the Company’s sole discretion, as long as it is not detrimental to your use of the services. We will ensure you receive a prior notice (unless the change is critical for business or outside the Company’s control. In such circumstances, the Company will clarify).

You must follow all the rules or regulations published by us regarding Subscriber Conduct. The Terms of Use include all these rules and regulations with references. If you fail to follow the Terms of Use or lack the credibility to do so as per the Company’s review, we possess the right to deny you access to any service.

You agree that we may, but are not bound to, monitor the Services or any part thereof or oversee compliance with the Terms of Use in its sole discretion.

You and any other Subscribers added to their membership (“Authorised End Users” or “Multi-User Subscriptions”) commit, acknowledge, and accept that:

Third-party access privileges are not permitted,

They must not access, store, distribute, or transmit any viruses.

All Services are to be utilised abiding by the applicable laws and regulations,

The Services or any component thereof can not be rented, leased, sublicensed, resold, distributed, transferred, copied, or modified,

You will not reverse engineer or seek to construct the source code from the object code made available hereunder, nor decompile, create, or attempt to create, the source code from the object code made available hereunder,

You will not copy, distribute, edit, publicly display, publicly perform, republish, download, store, or transmit the Services or any part of them,

You will not remove or attempt to remove or change any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices from materials copied from our Website or Services provided,

You are responsible for obtaining, installing, operating, and maintaining the necessary hardware and software, along with ensuring network connections and telecommunication lines required to access and use the Services,

You are not to use the Services in any way or in conjunction with any content, data, hardware, software, or other materials that may infringe or violate any third-party patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, or intellectual property right, or anything that may constitute defamation, libel, violation of the right of publicity or other third-party rights, or that is a violation of any law or invasion of privacy.


Right to Cancel Order

Some of our exclusive courses are not included in subscription packages. Those are only available for singular purchases. The following policies are applicable for such courses:

You can cancel the order within 14 days after the order has been delivered. But you must provide a proper reason for cancelling. This 14-day period grants a conditional right to cancel.

How to cancel: Simply email us at ….. or call us ….. with the order details to cancel the order.

It is also mentionable that a Subscriber can only have 30 active courses at any time. They can only start a new course after finishing one of the initial 30, ensuring a total course count of 30.


Right to Cancel Subscription

Our Annual Subscription is renewed after 12 months. However, You can cancel your membership at any time from your account.

The subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled by the subscriber or Ibeauty. If not cancelled, it will be extended for the following year. Subscribers will be charged for the next billing cycle based on their selected payment method.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to all courses you enrolled for during your membership at the end of your billing period.

You can view recordings of classes you’ve already attended, but not future ones, and you will not be able to add a new course.

To delete your account, please contact Ibeauty  support.


Cancellation Related Changes

The membership can be cancelled at any time.

You can finalise cancellation over the phone or from your profile.

You can cancel your membership and benefits by going to the Membership and Payments tab, where you will find options like pausing your membership or switching to a lower-cost plan.

If you signed up for Ibeauty  through a third-party account (such as an app store) as a Payment Method and want to cancel your membership, cancellation may need to be done through that third party. For instance, visit the account with the applicable third party and turn off the auto-renewal option or unsubscribe from the Ibeauty service.

A cancellation feature is included in the Members Area to make the cancellation process swift. Membership can also be terminated by filling out this cancellation form and returning it.


The right to terminate the services:

If you do not comply with the Terms and Conditions, including payment obligations, We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Services.

You might receive a letter regarding the termination of Services. You will be notified in advance and reimbursed (for the amounts paid in advance) for services that will not be provided.

You will be able to renew it at any time in the future, even after cancelling the membership. The account will be charged for the following year if you want to continue. Then, you will go back to the plan you had cancelled previously.

The existing subscription will continue until the end of its current term. And then switch to the ‘One Course Plan’ if you choose a reduced-price plan known as a ‘One Course Plan’.

To clarify further, if you are currently subscribed to a higher-priced plan (such as the annual subscription), the current subscription will remain as is, with the membership advantages associated with the current plan. However, the plan will change to One Course Plan at the end of the subscription period.

We have the authority to change our service plans and prices at any moment.

Suppose there are any changes in the pricing; in that case, you will be informed in advance via the member’s user interface, the membership and payments user interface, emails or other reasonable ways.

The new pricing will be effective at the beginning of the next subscription month after the price change date. As a precaution, we recommend reading any pricing change message carefully.

Please reach out to us if you have any payment or other membership-related questions.

We do not offer refunds or credits for partial membership periods, lessons, or Courses.

Refunds will only be issued if there is a reasonable cause, as defined by incorrect content or pricing, certificate, course materials, assignment retakes, or any other optional course content from the members’ area, checkout page, or any other cause deemed valid by us.

When a subscription is renewed, including purchases made via promotional communications, email, SMS, or any other method, unless there is a valid cause, refunds are not available, as defined by inaccurate content pricing or other circumstances outlined in the Terms of Use.


Lifetime Prime Membership

Lifetime Prime Membership alone does not grant access to courses offered by Awarding bodies, bundles and career path/career bundles listed on Ibeauty’s website. These are instead available as part of our special offerings or as a one-time purchase. Please note that the payment of Lifetime Prime Membership is non-refundable if purchased during a promotional campaign.

The transfer of lifetime access to any third party by the subscriber is prohibited.

If a learner buys a lifetime subscription at a reduced rate from Ibeauty, their ability to request a refund will be rendered invalid after acquiring the aforementioned discounted lifetime subscription.

After obtaining a lifetime subscription from Ibeauty and completing 50% or more of several courses, the learner won’t be able to ask for a refund from Ibeauty, irrespective of the reason.

Ibeauty retains the authority to revoke the subscriber’s lifetime access in case of violating our terms and conditions.

It is also mentionable that a Lifetime Prime Member can only have 30 active courses at any time. They can only start a new course after finishing one of the initial 30, ensuring a total course count of 30.


Exams and Certificates

Exam vouchers will be provided on your request for exam booking. All exam vouchers have an expiry date and are set from the date of purchase. Please refer to the website before making a purchase, and in case of further doubts, kindly speak to one of our training advisers by calling one of our company numbers. External exams are at extra cost to students as they are a chargeable event outside the Institute of Beauty & Makeup and so their prices are beyond our control.

Course completion certificates are emailed on request at a nominal cost.

It is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure they meet the course & exam prerequisites prior to booking or the taking the exam if you are unsure please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist.

The Course is not transferable to another person.

The Course Materials, which IBMU provides to you shall become your property. However, the content of the Course Materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of IBMU, Institute of Beauty & Makeup or a nominated third party. You may not reproduce any part of the Course Materials without the prior written consent of IBMU.

You are not to copy or download any of the videos made available to you to facilitate your learning as these resources remain the property of IBMU, Institute of Beauty & Makeup or a nominated third party and are only able to be streamed through the resources provided by IBMU.

IBMU does not accept any form of plagiarism. If there is evidence of plagiarism in any of your assignment submissions, IBMU reserves the right to remove you from the Course.

Students studying the Certificate Course are provided up to 12 months to complete their studies. Students studying the Diploma Course are provided up to 18 months to complete their studies. Extensions beyond this are available if required, although IBMU reserves the right to charge a fee for extensions.

IBMU accepts no responsibility in the event of any third party offerings or discounts being revoked by the party involved.

Persons under the age of 16 are not eligible to enrol in this course. Please Contact Us should you require further information.



The information on this internet site has been made available for general personal use only and is provided without any express or implied warranty as to its accuracy or currency.

All-access to, and use of, the information is at the user’s risk.

The Institute of Beauty & Makeup accepts no responsibility for the results of any actions taken on the basis of information on this Internet site, nor for the accuracy or completeness of any material contained herein.

The Institute of Beauty & Makeup expressly disclaims all and any liability and responsibility to any person in respect of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done by such person in reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon this Internet site.

Before relying on any information on this Internet site, users should seek confirmation from the originating or authorising faculty, area or other body.

The Institute of Beauty & Makeup reserves the right to alter, amend, vary or otherwise change any information on this Internet site at any time and without notice to you.

Information on academic programs and courses or any other arrangements for courses, including fees, staffing, and timetabling are an expression of The Institute of Beauty & Makeup intentions only and do not constitute a firm offer or undertaking to you.

The Institute of Beauty & Makeup reserves the right to vary programs and courses without notice and to impose limitations on enrolment in any program or course.

The provision of any URL or link is made for the convenience of users of this Internet site. It does not constitute an endorsement by The Institute of Beauty & Makeup of that URL or link or the information at that Internet site.


N.B: Upon becoming a subscriber, you will have access to all courses. A subscriber can enrol in up to 29 courses at any time through the subscriber dashboard. Once a learner has registered for 29 courses, they must complete a course before enrolling in another. Upon completion of a course, the subscriber is free to take another.