10 Pro Tips to Become a Fashion Store Assistant

Are you looking for a career prospect? Then why not to be a fashion store assistant? According to Indeed, a fashion store assistant can earn up to £8.58 per hour. Isn’t it lucrative? Besides, you can become a store manager faster if you can prove yourself in the job. You will surely get a fast-moving career growth that you are always dreaming of. 


But, becoming a fashion store assistant is not that easy. You have to deal with lots of customer pressure, sales pressure, and so on. Don’t worry, and these are the part of the job that you can always handle with pro tips and training on fashion store assistants.

In this article, we have developed the ten pro tips to become a fashion store assistant. Follow them to succeed in your career journey. 

Tips to Become a Fashion Store Assistant

1. Develop a Positive and Friendly Personality

Develop a positive and friendly personality if you want to start with this career. In sales, positive wins over everything. Your genuine and friendly nature will always win your customer’s hearts and trust. You must have noticed that the best sales assistants are usually friendly and always keep time for their customers. No matter how busy they are, this is one of the essential qualities you should develop in you, to become a fashion store assistant. 

2. Stay Updated With New Fashion and Trends

80% of the consumer believes that they are more knowledgeable than the store assistant. So, without updated knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry, you can hardly win a customer. You can not even build bonding and trust if you lack fashion industry knowledge. So, stay updated with the new fashion and trends. 

Increase your in-depth industry knowledge, attend fashion shows, enroll in an online fashion store assistant course, read fashion magazines, and publication daily. After doing all these, you can develop strong knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry.

3. Increase Your Communication Skill

American renowned entrepreneur and a motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “If you communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.” The sale is a job of communication. 80% of sales success depends on skillful communication. With skilled communication, you can connect with your customer, demonstrate value to the customer. If you can connect with your customer, they will tell their preference to you. You can understand them more closely and can suggest the fashion product that best suits them. So, increase your communication skill if you wanted to land your dream job as a fashion store assistant. 

4. Give Attention to Detail

If you can remember your customer, if you can give full attention to their problem, they are likely to convert most. A small detail can be essential for you to as a sales assistant; this could be your customer’s birthday, color choice, face, etc. It is all about showing care to your customer. If they see you care about them, they will feel connected with you and reward you with sales. So, your performance will touch the peak and thus make your career.

5. Connect with Your Customer

A successful store assistant knows what his/her customer is seeking. It is about building a real connection with the customer. Understand their behaviour so that you can offer them the best. Learn how to connect with the customer in the fashion store. Learn how to read customer body posture and tone of voice. You need to adjust your sales pitch according to their tone and body language. Only this way, you can convert them from shoppers to customers. If you want to master this skill from the expert, enrol in an online course on fashion store assistants.

6. Develop a Problem Solving Attitude

You need not be the master of the dispute resolution; instead, you need to be careful while solving customer problems. You need to maintain the right balance of diplomacy and firmness. A sales job is a problem-solving job, and maybe your prospect couldn’t find their best suit trouser, perhaps they could decide which dress to buy and so on. A fashion store assistant has to help them with a problem-solving attitude with a bit of diplomacy. 

7. Be Active and Energetic

Being a sales assistant is not an easy task. You have to deal with a lot of pressure but still need to keep a happy face every time you meet any customer, this requires lots of energy. You are not there only for sale, and you are there to assist your store manager too. So, you need to deal with sales targets, deal with inventory management, keep updated with the new trends, update clothes according to the market demand, and so on.  Be active and energetic; otherwise, you can not become a successful fashion store assistant. 

8. Don't lose your motivation.

Sales require lots of effort, time, and patience. Sometimes we tend to lose our hope when we could not meet our sales target. Every salesperson today or tomorrow faces a similar situation. But this is not the long-lasting thing to worry about. If you can’t achieve your goal, analyze why. Find out the reason and keep updating your skill. Never lose your motivation for sales. Stay motivated and positive. Remember, the best fashion store assistants are highly motivated one. They know how to carry out their jobs in better ways in stressful situations.

9. Be Open to the Multitask

Multitasking is a day to day job of a fashion store assistant. You have to deal with it every day. You can’t ignore it, but have to embrace it. You might have to answer multiple customers’ queries at a time, and you might have to deal with the inventory simultaneously. While being busy with the store operation, you can’t ignore your customer too. So, you have to be very open to multitasking if you want to land your job as a fashion store assistant. 

10. Enrol fashion store assistant online course

Enrol in a fashion store assistant online course, and this is a CPD accredited course with 24/7 online support. After this course, you will develop essential customer service skills, customer conflict management skills, and customer relationship management skills. In short, you will become a skilled fashion store assistant. The course is only 3 hours and 18 minutes long, but the worth is boundless. You will immediately get a digital certificate. The certificate does not have any expiry date so that you can use it for the rest of your life. Isn’t it great? So, enrol this online course now and start your career as a successful fashion store assistant. 

Will Rogers, an American film actor, once said – “If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” To be a successful fashion store assistant, follow these pro tips, enroll in the online course to increase your knowledge, and then start your fantastic career journey. Only this way, you can surely become a successful fashion store assistant. So, enrol in the fashion store assistant online course now and boost your career. 

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June 23, 2020

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