About Us

Institute of Beauty & Makeup opens its doors to teach, train, and make professionals in the makeup and beauty industry. We offer a variety of courses inspired by international trends. The courses are created by the best of the professionals and creative instructors, guiding learners in developing their creative potential when carrying out each job.

Learn All About Enriching Beauty with our Techniques

We strive to provide the latest knowledge and cutting edge techniques in the beauty and makeup industry so you can be on top of your game.
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Makeup Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials and guides for the latest trends in beauty.

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Instant Learning

Our courses are available on demand at the click of a button. Access a multitude of courses from anywhere on any device.

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Be Qualified & Certified

Learn from the best in the beauty and makeup industry. Develop your skills and get certification that helps your portfolio stand out from rest.

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Our vision is to guide learners to be Professional Stylists in the different disciplines with the highest quality standard., Institute of Beauty & Makeup stands out for its artistic orientation, demanding creative resolution at all levels of training and courses it offers.


We consider styling a generous profession that has existed since the beginning, and learners will persist until the end. Since personal beauty is the most precious treasure for each human being, this institute will be an everlasting source of work and wealth for all who prepare and update adequately.
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