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A Complete Guide on Wedding Makeup

Bridal Makeup: A Complete Guide on Wedding Makeup

Do you know, in the UK the wedding industry is worth about £10 billion? On average, people spend £30,355 for their wedding. A bridal makeup artist can earn up to £150 for bridal wedding makeup. Undoubtedly it is a lucrative business. Then why don’t you try it?

Yes, it is not good to jump into the business without the proper skills and knowledge. A wedding day is the most special day in anyone’s life. So, your single mistake on the bridal makeup can ruin your reputation as well as the client’s wedding; this is why we bring a complete guide on bridal makeup. Let’s dive into it. 

A Complete Guide of Bridal Makeup

1. Offer A Trial Makeup 3- 5 Weeks Before

As I mentioned before, we cannot make any single mistake on the wedding day. So, offer trial makeup to your client. It should be 3 to 5 weeks before the wedding day. Trial makeup is an excellent way to establish a secure connection with your client. You can get a solid idea about your client’s skin tone and expectations. You can try different colours on the trial day to see which colour makes their skin look tan. 

Ask your bride to bring a reference on the trial day. It will help you to understand their expectations. You can try the trial makeup with more focus if you have the reference.

2. Emphasise On Eyes

The secret behind any right makeup is not the makeup itself. It is the eyes that stand out and make the bride look gorgeous. Emphasise on the eyes of the bride. Use the intensity and depth of the colour closest to the lash line. 

3. Focus on the Colour

Your bride’s skin needs to look smooth with the wedding dress. The wedding dress and typical dress are not the same. They are different. So, your makeup needs to be changed too. Focus on the colour of the bride’s skin and try to match it with the wedding dress. Don’t forget to add some colour to the lips and cheeks to give them a glow. 

4. Use False Lashes

A wedding stays alive in the photographs. So, your bride needs to look bright and beautiful in the picture too. False lashes add the stunning looks in the makeup. It is not necessary to use long eyelashes. Avoid using long false lashes instead try to make it look more natural. But you can add a slightly longer and fuller lash; this will brighten the bride’s look. For in-depth knowledge on bridal makeup, try the online course on bridal makeup today !!

5. Don't Skip the Basics

Do not skip the basics of makeup. First, focus on these essential elements. If you can establish the basics, then the rest of the makeup can be done quickly. You aim to make the bride’s skin look natural, groomed eyebrows, and feathery lashes. If you can make them right, only then you do the rest of the work smoothly. 

6. Highlight the brow bone

Use a highlighter shade on the brow bone, and this will make the eyes pop. Apply pat and the light matte shade on the outer corner of the brow bone, and this will draw attention to the area of the face, and make the look more stunning and beautiful. 

7. Do not ruin the bride's natural look

Every bride carries a unique natural beauty. Overwhelming makeup can ruin the natural look of the bride. A bride needs to look her best on the wedding day, not to look like someone else. So, do not ruin their natural-looking beauty. Instead, with your makeup, make them look perfect, natural, and beautiful. To master this skill, enrol in a wedding makeup online course today !!

8. Consider Makeup for Good Photograph

Every bride wants to look great in the photograph. But not all the makeup looks great in the photo. For example, Pale, brown, and neutral lips colour look washed out in the pictures. So, while doing bridal makeup, consider how she will look in the photographs. You need to apply a bright color, so she looks beautiful in the photo. Choose a lipstick that is one or two shades brighter than what your client wears typically. If your client wears a neutral hue, use it as a base and apply pink or rose colour on top. If you want to apply dark lipstick, then apply it as a base and use brighter pink on the top to lift the color. You can always choose from the colour pink, roses and plums, these are all the classic choices for brides. 

9. Don't go too Dark on the Eyes

Do not make the eyes too dark. You can apply colour to define the eyes. Avoid using shades; they are too dense and detract from the eyes themselves. 

10. No to Heavy Contouring

Heavy contouring has become a trend. But do not try to apply it to the bride; this could ruin their natural look. In fashion, photography models look great with the heavy contouring. But, wedding photography is a bit different from this, so, the makeup should be. Weddings are glamorous as well as they demand natural looks. On the wedding day, no bride wants to be rocking a few stripes on either side of their cheekbones. So, do not apply heavy contouring in wedding makeup. 

Enrol Online Bridal Makeup Course

A guide for bridal makeup is not enough to get ready for the bridal makeup business. You need solid training and a certificate on the bridal makeup so that you can start smoothly.

iBeautyMakeUp  offers an online course on bridal makeup. You can learn it from your comfort zone. The course covers every single thing about wedding makeup that will surely make you a pro, and this is not the end.

At the end of the course, you will get an e-certificate dispatch by the next working day. CPD accredits the course, and you will get 24/7 learning support. It will take only 3 hours and 17 minutes to complete the course, but the career prospect is boundless. You can become a freelance makeup artist, mobile beauty therapist, and a beautician after this course. Isn’t it lucrative? Enroll a bridal makeup course now!!

Weddings are the happiest and most memorable day for a bride. The bride wants to look perfect, comfortable, and stunning on that day. Her ideal look depends on you. If you can make her look perfect, you can win her heart, and this will inevitably result in more customers and more business.

These complete guides will surely help you to bring that perfection on her face. A course for the Bridal MakeUp will add additional value to your career. You will get in-depth knowledge about bridal makeup that will surely make you a pro.

Only then can you bring the perfect look through your makeup full of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Moreover, with a certification course, you easily stand out in the market and receive more clients.

Why are you waiting?, enrol the online Bridal MakeUp Online course now and start your successful journey as a bridal makeup artist.

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