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Course overview

The happiness and contentment of our minds lie in good health. That’s why we call “health is wealth”. And, without staying fit, achieving good health is impossible. Hence, people are now more concerned about their health and fitness. As a result, the number of gyms and fitness centres is on an increasing trend in the UK. The fitness industry in the UK has already crossed the net worth of 5.5 billion USD in 2019 and it’s growing more. 

Also, the demand for certified fitness trainers is rapidly increasing in recent years. This is how the fitness industry is one of the most lucrative industries to build your career. So, don’t you think you should try it out? If you do, then you will need the Fitness Trainer Certification. 

This Certified Fitness Coach Complete Online Training is designed to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a certified fitness trainer. This fitness training course covers the basics and advanced techniques of fitness training. You’ll learn about the muscular system, assessing your clients, and different types of resistance training. Besides, you’ll have a detailed insight into Cardio & Endurance Training as well as flexibility training such as different stretching techniques. 

This course is a complete package covering all the necessary fitness trainer qualifications to start your career in this field and become a capable trainer to motivate your clients and help them achieve their fitness goal.

  • CPD accredited.
  • Immediate e-certificate on successful completion.
  • Hard copy of the certificate is obtainable too.
  • Personalised Learning.
  • Developed by fitness training expert
  • 24/7 access across all major devices, you can study anywhere.
  • 24/7 learning assistance.
  • Regularly updated content.

Whats inside

Who is this course for?

This course is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to make a career in the fitness industry including

  • Fitness coach
  • Gym instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness enthusiast


Through our accredited courses, you can show your commitment to gain new skills and contribute to personal and professional development, improve your job prospects, enhance and evolve in career. Upon successful completion of your course, you can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate at the cost of £4.99 or a Printed hard copy at £9.99. Or you can have both (PDF + hard copy) at £11.99.

Learning outcomes

  • About the anatomy of the muscular system.
  • How to assess your clients and determine their needs.
  • The difference between Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training.
  • About the bodyweight fundamentals and muscle building formula.
  • The 4 fundamental exercises for muscle growth and how to create a customized workout plan.
  • About different types of cardio and creating the right cardio workout.
  • How to create a workout plan for weight loss.
  • Different types of flexibility training such as dynamic and static stretching.

Career path

This course is a comprehensive training to becoming a fitness trainer. After completing this course, you’ll be able to kickstart your career as a fitness trainer and with our accredited certification, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. 



Course Reviews


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  1. Scarlett Knowles


    Awesome course!! Useful content with accredited certificates.

  2. Gabriel Wells


    Certified fitness trainers are in high demand in the UK, so I did the course and started my own gymnasium at Stratford, London. The course is a complete solution, I think. Highly suggested.

  3. Harrison Doyle


    This course is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and information to become a professional gym trainer.Recommended!

  4. Lola Noble


    Quite a good course online. I completed it last month and became certified.

  5. Aimee Hughes


    Well-structured course design and relevant content. Worth trying

  6. Courtney Fisher


    Easily explained basics with professional advance information. I think they developed this course in a way that a person from any background could start the course and after completing it he could become a fitness expert. Not bad

This course includes

  • 365 Days
  • Course Badge
  • Course Certificate
  • 2 hours, 18 minutes