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Course overview

Functional strength training concerns the process of body conditioning, focusing on body fluidity, coordination, endurance, speed and power. It is used to train athletes and works with the natural structure/mechanics of the body to avoid injury and boost performance to achieve long-term goals.

The Functional Strength & Fitness Training course will train you how to become the best possible coach to build your clients’ core strength, flexibility, muscle and resilience. It covers step-by-step guidance on how to combine functional fitness training with other forms of exercise, taking you through techniques used by qualified professionals.

Not only will you deepen your understanding of the science behind muscle gain and musculoskeletal health, but you will also learn about the common misconceptions of functional training. If you’re looking to start your own fitness business, or establish a career in fitness training, then enrol today and earn an industry-recognised qualification.

  • CPD accredited.
  • Immediate e-certificate on successful completion.
  • Hard copy of the certificate is obtainable too.
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Whats inside

Who is this course for?

This course is best suited for anyone interested in Functional Fitness Training in general. It is also great for practising personal trainers who have sufficient practical knowledge but lack recognised credentials to showcase their skill set. Anyone looking to enter the fitness training industry should enrol in this course to gain both knowledge and certification for Functional Fitness Training.


Through our accredited courses, you can show your commitment towards improving skills and professional development. The certifications we provide will improve your job prospects, enhance your career outcomes. Upon successful completion of your course, you can claim a PDF certificate at the cost of £4.99 or a printed hard copy at £9.99. You can have both (PDF+ Hard copy) for just £11.99. [FREE POSTAGE]

Learning outcomes

  • Have an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of functional fitness
  • Learn techniques used by professional fitness trainers and instructors
  • Understand the common misconceptions about functional fitness training
  • Improve your balance, endurance, flexibility and range of motion
  • Know how to combine other forms of exercise with functional fitness techniques
  • Deepen your understanding of the science behind muscle gain
  • Develop your core strength and gain in-depth knowledge of body conditioning
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to kickstart a successful career in the fitness industry
  • Become the best possible coach and train your clients for success!

Career path

Once you have completed our Functional Fitness Training, you will have all necessary information to become a trainer on functional fitness. You can either work for a fitness institute or manage clients on your own as a personal trainer. With sufficient business training you can even start your own business focused on functional fitness training.



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